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Water Pump Repairs for Western North Carolina Residents

Even the best components, installations, and regular maintenance cannot fully prevent issues with your water system. The water pump, pressure tank, and other vital parts can wear down over time and encounter factors causing damage or dysfunction. When you need pump repairs in Western North Carolina, A-1 Well & Pump is ready to help you restore your system’s condition and performance.


Signs Your Water System Needs Repairs or Replacement

Every water pump has a finite lifespan, and problems with your water system are virtually inevitable. You can reduce their impact on your property and avoid small issues growing into substantial damage by paying attention to any indications your system might have a problem. Some common signs your water system needs repairs include the following:

Water Pressure Fluctuations

Changes in your water pressure may be the result of several possible issues, one of which being your well’s water pump. It’s always a wise idea to have our professionals check your system to identify any possible problems before they grow into more substantial and expensive damage.

Clicking Sounds or Noisy Pressure Tank

Your system’s pressure tank contains pressurized air, similar to a tire or inner tube, and it might leak or lose air. When this happens, you might hear a rapid or constant clicking noise originating from the pressure switch near the tank. The escaping air can cause your pump to frequently start and stop, straining the motor and reducing its longevity.

Spitting Faucets

If your pressure tank is leaking, it might cause sporadic air spurts in the water, also known as spitting faucets. You might only notice this issue intermittently, but if left neglected, it can shorten your well pump’s life over time. Instead of simple repairs to rectify the problem, you may need to replace some or all of the system.

Scalding Shower Water

If your shower shoots unexpected scalding water whenever someone flushes a toilet, that is a sign of a pressure tank issue. A drop in your system’s pressure will allow more hot water through and create surges of extremely hot water. Let our experienced team assess your system’s repair needs.

High Electricity Bills

Any problems with your water system’s well pump or pressure tank can reduce your home or business’s water system efficiency, leading to higher energy bills. If your monthly utility bills keep rising, consider having us inspect your pump and other components to determine whether there is an issue affecting your system’s efficiency.

Contact A-1 Well & Pump Today for Service

Neglecting issues with your well water system can lead to failure and expensive repairs or replacement in the not-too-distant future. Contact A-1 Well & Pump as soon as you notice signs your water pump or another component is in trouble.

Schedule Well & Pump Service at Your Property